by D CoCoon, LLC

Chrysallis is a complete natural hair care system that focuses on the preservation of the environment by being biodegradable.

Bold Natural Beauty


Black Scarf Only

Price: $25.95`


Price: $70.00

The use of a satin pillow case or scarf will:
• Reduce hair breakage
• Help maintain proper moisture balance
• Protect hairstyles
• Eliminate tangling

Our exclusive pillowcases and scarves are made of 100% bridal satin. Machine-wash pillow case or scarf with cool water using the delicate cycle. Do not use chlorine bleach or fabric softener. Tumble dry on low or lay flat to dry.

Beauty Satin Pillowcase

​Chrysallis Satin Colored Hair Scarf

Sleeping on the Chyrsallis Beauty Satin Pillow Case and wearing a Chrysallis Beauty Satin Scarf allows the head to freely move and the hair to breathe. The cuticle is left undisturbed during the night as the Chrysallis Satin Pillow Case and Scarf protects it from friction. By using the Chrysallis Beauty Satin Pillow Case and Scarf, hair breakage and dry hair is prevented. The Chrysallis Beauty Satin Pillow Case and Scarf are made from some of the finest bridal satin material.

Medical experts recommend the use of satin pillows for patients being treated for cancer and hepatitis C. The development of abnormal hair loss can be caused by abrasive cotton. The American Cancer Society recommends the use of satin to assist chemotherapy patients, who have suffered severe hair loss and are in need of products that soothe and promote hair growth.

The Chyrsallis Beauty Satin Pillow Case and Satin Scarf is the final touch on maintaining beauty tresses regardless of hair type. These two satin tools are a must as medicinal products to effectively control damaged hair.