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As a practicing Master Stylist and licensed Cosmetologist for over three decades, Denys has devoted her life to hair care. Her passion has always been to preserve the natural beauty hair, and her vast experience has given her unique insights into understanding what is needed to make hair both beautiful and healthy. Denys, with the assistance of her husband Dr. Anthony, began a journey to develop a system of hair care that focuses on the natural texture of hair through strengthening, nurturing, and protecting the cortex and cuticle.

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Denys's passion led to the discovery of a beautiful Central African butterfly called the Swallowtail. While researching the beauty of the Swallowtail butterfly, they unearthed a significant breakthrough, discovering that the botanical compounds of the butterfly through its metamorphosis contribute to its beautiful colors, texture, and strength.


These innovative insights have been used to develop the Chrysallis products to enhance the beauty and health of the hair and scalp. With proven biological research, the compounds of nature in the tropical rain forest of Central Africa have been synthesized to bring to market products that will revolutionize hair and skin care. Chrysallis Natural Hair Care products are manufactured by an alliance of organizations with over 100 years of experience in the cosmetic and toiletry industry.

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