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1. Soft & gentle on the skin
2. Preserves natural oils or moisture in skin and hair
3. No bacteria or mildew growth
4. Color is retained 
5. Exfoliating (crepe satin)
6. Energy saving, fast drying time, and space saver 
7. Odor-free
8. Beautiful 


Cotton fabrics often used for pillowcases, scarves, and towels are highly absorbent and will draw moisture from your hair as you sleep. The weave pattern in cotton is very abrasive and will catch individual strands of hair, causing them to tangle and break. It also creates an environment that is highly susceptible to bad odors, bacteria, and mold growth. 

Chrysallis CoCooning Satin is a very smooth material that allows your head to move easily across its surface, thus avoiding friction and damage normally caused by cotton. Satin can also prevent "frizz" and will prevent split ends.


Medical experts have recommended satin products for patients recovering from cancer, hormonal issues, or those who spend extended periods of time in bed as they recover. The smooth surface helps prevent hair loss and will protect the hair root and hair shaft.

Over time, we lose the elasticity in our skin. Cotton fabrics often leave creases in our skin and these creases can become permanent. Cotton is a highly absorbent material and will draw moisture from your skin. Chrysallis CoCooning Satin provides a smooth surface and minimizes the tension or stress that is placed on your skin as you sleep. 

Chrysallis CoCooning Satin Fabric keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The Satin fabric has ability to maintain room temperature. At the same time, it is also able to take dampness away from the body. The result is that you look and feel fresh and cool, despite of the temperature.

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